Angelo Libutti

DIRECTOR- WRITER & STORYBOARD ARTIST Union member: 800 & 839 Glendale, CA (310) 418-6672

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Story Supervisor/Writer/Director/Production Designer/2D & 3D Animator- UNION 800 Live Action Member-
USA , Canadian & European citizenship

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy and I have been living in North America for the past 19 years.

32 Feature Films ( The Lion King; Spiderman; Kung Fu Panda; Alvin and the Chipmunks; Cars 3; and more), 10 TV shows, 3 Games, 31 Commercials ("Puma"; "Toblerone"; KitKat"; "Lyncoln"; "Ester C"; "Kraft"; "RBC"; "Toyota"; "Excel"; "Mazda"; "Ferrari"; "Taco Bell"; "Minute Maid"; "John Deere-Heat"; and more).

Discovered at the age 16 by Disney Italy as comics artist and for 9 years as illustrator and graphic designer for the most prestigious newspapers and magazine in Europe, then graduate at Vanvitelli Architecture Institute. I later moved to Canada to earn my degree in Classical Animation from Sheridan College.
To further my skills, I decided to embark on a 3 year program studying the Meisner Course & Method Acting with the prestigious instructor, Jacqueline McClintock. Upon graduation, I served as 3D Animator and Story Artist at Rhythm & Hues. Not one to sit still, during my time I was also a full-time Storyboard Artist, Animator and Concept Artist for a variety prestigious studios and taught on Fridays and weekend for different universities including Sheridan College. I mastered my story skills by being trained by Chris Sauve – (the right hand to the legendary animation story guru, Brad Bird).

My education and experience is an eclectic blend of traditional and computer arts. I worked at Disney, Red Rover, C.O.R.E., Starz, Rhythm & Hues, Ken Duncan, Digital Domain and I am currently finishing as Lead Storyboard Artist at Cirque du Solei. Credits include Kung Fu Panda, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Tarzan, Dorothy of OZ,Monsters vs Aliens, Ice Princess, Spiderman, The Triplets of Belleville and many more.

I have 23 years of professional studio experience with an emphasis on Story, Concept Design, and Animation 2D and 3D. Prior to my work in animation, I worked as an Architect for a year, and spent eight years as as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator. I also illustrated a variety of comics and magazines/newspapers.